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Back to school: Which kind of mask do you need?

This year, there’s a new must-have on everyone’s shopping list: a mask. It’s official—masks are required for in-person learning this year. But which kind of mask should you choose for maximum protection and comfort? At Humask, we’ve thought of everything to help make the new school year as pleasant as possible!

Check out our recommendations for the best masks for little ones, teachers, students, and parents.


The current situation is pushing all of us to adapt by masking up. For our youngest kids, heading back to school is already synonymous with big changes. So what better than a protective mask that’s completely adapted to their needs? Designed for kids aged 2-14, Humask Kids masks assure the safety and comfort of your little ones.

Humask Kids masks are proudly Canadian and fit smaller faces while offering superior ventilation and comfort than traditional masks. For children with sensitive skin, Humask Kids Pro 2000 masks prevent discomfort and allergies. Choose Humask, and choose efficiency without compromise.

With its 100% hypoallergenic, biocompatible HuCare membrane, the children’s mask from our Pro range protects toddlers to tweens  with optimal comfort.

Offered in two levels of protection (1 and 2) Humask Kids is a new back-to-school essential!


For the youngest students, teachers and educators are invaluable resources. The bonds between them shouldn’t be limited by their masks. To get both adults and kids smiling again, we’ve got the solution: Humask Pro Vision.

Our windowed mask is the only windowed mask in the world that meets levels 2 and 3 of the ASTM F2100-19 standards. Our team is proud to offer a comfortable, safe, and accessible product that lets educators show more of their faces and create better connections with their students. What’s more, choosing Humask Pro Vision encourages accessibility while supporting a local business.

Humask Pro Vision is undeniably the best mask for professionals who work with young children and students who have disabilities, including those who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Teachers and educators, don’t hesitate—opt for the mask that protects you with a smile!


Did you know that Humask Pro is the safest, most high-performance mask in the world? Proudly made in Canada, the Humask Pro line has revolutionized the industry thanks to its breathability, comfort and lightweight feel. As a local business, Humask values innovation and accessibility, and we want to do our part to support our children’s education and give them the best future possible.

For Cegep and university students, there’s no need to compromise between comfort and protection. By choosing Humask Pro, you’re getting a mask optimized for your needs. No more discomfort behind the ears, “maskne,” itching, or difficulty breathing.

Want to branch out from our classic sky-blue model? Our level 2 masks are available in 3 colours, just like Humask Pro Vision: black, white, and blue.


Our original protective mask, Humask, was our first game-changing innovation in the world of PPE. It’s perfect for short periods of use during everyday activities. That’s why Humask is the ideal solution for parents of children heading back to class.

Whether you’re dropping kids off at school, running to the grocery store, or masking up for your commute, choose Humask! It offers breathability, comfort, and total efficiency —plus, it’s hypoallergenic.

Ready to hear that school bell ring? We hope to provide the best recommendations for everyday use. That being said, the different masks we’ve mentioned could be great solutions for anyone! It’s up to you to choose the mask that works best for your needs. So, why not order a box and give Humask a try? But consider yourself warned—once you try a Humask, you’ll never look back!